About Crazy Carl's Turbos Inc.
Looking for quality performance parts at a fair price? We specialize in innovative diesel products for Dodge Cummins engines. From turbo kits, to intake plates, to conversion kits, we've shopped for the best values and/or fabricate here in the USA.

Crazy Carl's started out as an innovative fabricator of quality, affordable twin turbo kits and intake plates for Dodge Cummins Diesels back in 2008. Carl is considered a pioneer in a the industry, and was among the first to custom-design triple turbo kits, and one-of-a-kind supercharger set up with twins. In fact the company name Crazy Carl's came from people telling Carl, "that's crazy, that can't be done."

In the years since, we have consistently updated and improved our materials, products and standards. Our philosophy is to help customers meet THEIR unique goals - not market only one-size-fits-all solutions.
You will NOT find high pressure sales representatives. In fact, we will tell you when you DON'T need a new part.

Our replacement for the stock intake plate called The Tunnel RamĀ®, is offered in different models, and delivers more air flow to your engine and installs easily without deleting your grid heater. And the perfect complement to The Tunnel RamĀ® intake plates are our custom designed intake horns.

For our 24V P-Pump conversions kits, we have found the best parts and put them together to help make the conversion process easier. Our APPS throttle linkage kit allows customers to reuse their 24V throttle rather than purchase the hard to find and very costly 12V linkage.

Whether you are looking for individual parts or a finished kit, check out what we offer. And order with confidence through our secure online shopping cart.