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.025 Delivery Valves by PDD

.025 Delivery Valves by PDD

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Boost power to your P7100 pump.

These delivery valves are for those who want a little more power than the 055’s can produce, but with less smoke/heat than the 7mm’s. Capable of flowing an additional 65cc’s over the stock pump, these delivery valves have the potential to produce 100hp over stock while retaining manageable EGTs.

When it comes to the fuel side of things, there are 3 aspects of the P-Pumped trucks that determine how much power can be produced; the injection pump itself, the fuel injectors, and the delivery valves.

In the P7100 pump, the delivery valves are essentially “check-valves” installed between the pump and the injector, controlling the overall amount of fuel that goes into the injector before it is sprayed into the piston bowl. Consequently, a larger delivery valve allows a longer duration of the injection event, thereby increasing potential power. There is a tradeoff, however, as a larger delivery valve increases duration it results in a longer, less efficient injection event. While the increase in flow does produce more power, it does so at the expense of heat and smoke. A smaller delivery valve paired with the same injector will have a shorter injection event, this results in a clean and concise burn, which will make less power but will ultimately drop EGT’s and be more efficient. As a final note, stock/small delivery valves become restrictions around 3000rpm where a larger delivery valve will maintain peak flow throughout the rpm range. This is a must for those seeking high-rpm power.