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Boost Elbow

Boost Elbow

Our Price: $18.00

Product Code: DAP-10BE


Adjustable Boost Elbow

  • Allows you to increase the boost on your turbo to above the 21psi stock setting and up to 35psi or more.
  • Installs in place of the brass fitting on the compressor housing.
  • Takes 5 minutes for install.
  • Raising your boost will allow the turbo to send more air into the engine so that it can burn the extra fuel from modifications like a performance box or injectors.
  • Fits HX35, HX40, s300 etc. (does not fit the HY35 with the hard line)
  • Has Allen screw to adjust the amount of air that the turbo compressor side allows to reach the actuator for the waste gate.