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DFI NEW 7X0.011 200HP SAC 98.5-02

DFI NEW 7X0.011 200HP SAC 98.5-02

Our Price: $800.00

Product Code: DFI-7X11-200HP-SAC

Needle Work:

NEW Ducky Fuel Injection 7X0.011 SAC Injectors (200HP) ***LIFETIME WARRANTY***
Built on brand new Bosch Bodies. Using 100% Bosch parts. These injectors can be set at VP44 or P7100 opening pressures depending on your setup.

These injectors are roughly 200 horsepower over stock depending on setup and tuning. Perfect for someone looking for more power and a little more mileage with their daily driver/play or race truck. These injectors are best used on a mildly modified truck with more air. They can be driven conservatively with a stock turbo; however, we don't recommend doing it for very long. If you plan to tow on a regular basis we highly recommend upgrading your turbo. With the correct setup these injectors are good to around 550-600HP. More horsepower can be made with them; however, if your goals are higher we recommend a larger injector. Injectors come in a set of 6 and include sealing washers and o rings.

Needle work: This option allows more flow from the nozzle. It's recommended for someone looking to get the most power possible from an injector.

NO CORES required on new injectors. New Bosch injectors come with our new limited lifetime warranty. Please see our warranty page for more information.